My Story

Adam Gibson

Hi, my name is Adam and the name UNDER THE PINK TREE came from a dream I had.
That dream was the turning point in my life; therefore, I use it as a reference of my journey through health and wellbeing. My passion for hospitality industry, with the obstacles I face to health and wellbeing, drives to explore these topics.

Over the years, I have struggled a lot with mental health issues. Through my blogs, I can put it down to shame and regret from most of the events that happened earlier in my life. I have spent lots of time and money exploring my mental health: had numerous therapists, with a variety of different treatments, and many different types of medicine. I have had thoughts and even attempted to end my life several times in my life.

Story Timeline

I’m an Australian and was born and grew up on a farm in Northern NSW in a small town near the beach. I was an active and healthy child, though I suffered from learning difficulties. Going into High school was a big change for me; I developed chronic migraines and nausea (hindsight: I would put it down to anxiety and depression.) I was less active and picked up bad habits where I indulged myself in food in hope of relieving my depression. As the result, I gained plenty of weight. With the compounding effects of health and my learning difficulties, I did not complete high school.

When I was 17,  my father, who had been suffering from a long period of depression, committed suicide. Then, I put on a brave face (that’s what a man should do yeah?) So I never really grieved, which made me look strong on the outside but broken on the inside. This is one key moment that has shaped me to be stubborn, and paralysed me from showing my feelings.

My first full-time job was at KFC. It really helped me to grow my confidence and social skills. After a couple of years of saving money, I had my first trip on my own; so I decided to do a tour around Europe. What an eye opening experience it was! In early 2000’s, I moved to the UK and worked in South of England during the first year. Then, I moved to London to work for another 4 years.

Out of the blue, I decided to go to university and study hospitality management. It was then I discovered I am dyslexic. At the same time, I was also struggling with being gay and coming out to my family and friends. Having dyslexia and to come out, they did not help me with what is now diagnosed as Anxiety. I had sessions of hypnotherapy, in hope of aiding me to come out.

In 2008, I moved back to Australia and decided to move to Melbourne instead. This was an extremely hard time to find work. Eventually, I have secured a temp job at a business school where I stayed for a couple of years. After a rough ending to a toxic relationship, and suffering from severe depression and anxiety.

I wanted to end my life.

I quit my job and spent some time travelling in Asia. I took the chance to do a full on reboot of my life; I started to eat health, do more exercise and write this blog.

After a year, I started working again at a restaurant; I found it enjoyable and challenging. In 2013, I gave a lot of thoughts on where my passions lied, and I realised I craved for a career change. I decided to study Nutritional Medicine. This was extremely challenging for me going back to school. I ended up not completing my studies. Meanwhile, I helped a friend to open a Korean restaurant.

In 2015, I had my biggest challenge and the scariest chapter of my life yet. I moved back to London to continue studying Nutrition, and planning to begin studying dietetics. It was too late for me to apply for that year. I then found out about The Institute of Optimum Nutrition, so I went to the open day instead.

“This is exactly for me!” I said in my head after the talk. I proceeded into enrolling to start in September 2015.

My first job back in london was an agency temp work. Then, I started working at Selfridges for the opening of the Hemsley + Hemsley cafe. So excited as I was the big fan of their work. This has been a great experience for me and I have met many brilliant people. But, I made the decision to move onto the next chapter. Sadly, doing temp jobs and direct-marketing together, was not a good choice financially. So in 2018, I started working in corporate hospitality; that was a very mind-numbing and hostile work environment . I had a full on mental breakdown and was off sick for months.

Spending the time, money and effort to get help in London was a joke. I had lots of negative experiences with doctors and mental health charities. I finally got some help about 6 months too late since I first seek for help. The doctor prescribed me with medications, and I was on a waiting list for therapy for 2 months. I found a website called headroom. The founder Steve was amazing as was other staff. They helped finding me a therapist in my price range and got me an appointment within 2 weeks. By the end of 2019, I quit and found another job in a local pub (no more public transport for me.) I totally love working with a great team in an amazing environment.

So that brings me to 2020. COVID.

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I hope you enjoy and I love feed back (it can be good or bad), it’s all about growing.