My Story

Hi, my name is Adam and the name under the pink tree came from a dream I had. This dream was a turning point in my life hence why I use it as the reference of my journey.

I’m Australian and was born in Northern New South Wales in a small town called Cudgen. I grew up on a farm where my parents grew small crops like sweet potato and zucchini (courgettes) also avocado. While I was in my early teens my dad decided that he wanted to turn the farm into an organic tropical fruit farm.

I was an active and healthy child who suffered from learning difficulties. Going into High school was a big change for me I suffered from migraines and nausea (would put it to anxiety and depression at reflection). I was less active also picked up bad habits when coming to food as of result I gain much weight. With the compounding effects of health and my learning difficulties, I didn’t complete year 10, I compleated it at TAFE a few years later.

When I was 17,  my father committed suicide he had been suffering from depression. At the time I put on a brave face what a man should do yeah? So I never really greaved, this made my look to be strong but inside I was broken. This is one key moment that has shaped me to be stubborn in showing my feelings.

My first full-time job was at KFC this really helped grow my confidence and social skills. after a couple of years saving money I had my first trip on my own, so what else but a Contiki tour of Europe! was an eye opening experience.

In 2003 I move to the UK working in Southampton for the first year then moving to London to work for a further 4 years. In this time I decide to go to university and study hospitality this is where I discovered I was dyslexic, will talk more in this blog. At this time was also when I was struggling with being gay and coming out to my family and friends, this I will be discussing in further in an upcoming blog.

At the end of 2008, I moved back to Australia I decided to move to Melbourne. This was an extremely hard time to find work finally secured a temp job at Melbourne business school where I stayed until 2010. Starting as a temp and becoming the Assistant house manager before leaving to grand plans of opening a cafe. After much research and looking for the right property for a cafe I decide against starting this venture.

Before going back into work I did some travelling in Cambodia, China, Laos, Malasia, Taiwan, Tialand and Vietnam. Then in 2011, I started working again as a temp one of the jobs was Steer Bar and Grill where I was given full-time employment as a head waiter then supervisor the floor manager before my leaving.

In 2013 I decided I really wanted a career change after think what my passions are. I decide to study Nutritional Medicine this was an extream challenge going back to school and was not successful at this time.

In 2015 I think my biggest challenge and also the scariest chapter of my life to date started. I moved back to London to start studying Nutrition planning to start study at a University to be a dietitian lucky for me I was too late to apply for 2015 start date. I found out about The Institute of optimum nutrition from my cousin so went to open day “this is for me I said in my head after the class” enrolled to start in September.

In late 2015 I started working at Selfridges at the opening of the Hemsley + Hemsley cafe I was so excited as big fans of their work. This has been a great experience and I have met many great people. But sadly I made the choice to move onto the next chapter and that where I come back to Under The Pink Tree.

Over the years I have struggled with anxiety, depression, fitness and weight so I want to show experiences in my journey to be a better stronger, Adam. This blog will explore the next chapter of my life.

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I hope you enjoy and I love feed back (it can be good or bad), it’s all about growing.