Going Nuts for Nuts

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Hi, all this introduction to a few new blogs that will be coming up with nuts as the topic so keep your eyes open.

“98% of Australians do not eat a handful of nuts a day and the number one reason is that they are concerned about nuts’ fat content and their potential to cause weight gain.” 


So where to start about nuts?

Well, think I start with “Move over, apples: A handful of nuts a day keeps the doctor away—and might help you live longer”  according to new results from two long-running Harvard studies.

The important benefits there are many check out some of the current studies on the Nuts for Life website for more specific and more details for what you most interested in.

Check out the Nutrient makeup of nuts  from Nuts for life Download PDF

Should also read the nut study (Nuts & The Big Fat Myth) a good read from Nuts for life Download PDF

How much is healthy? well, that hard question as does any one know and if they do then someone says the opposite. Well in my internet trawling the consciences is around the Hand full so around 30g per day. What I will be doing is adding a serve of nuts to one my of my meals over the next 30 days (plus almond milk Latte up to 5 days a week)


What a hand full (30g) of nuts looks like (image from nuts for life)




Please visit the following web pages for more information by clicking on their logo

I would like to thank nuts for life great information about nuts.

Also reference Nutrition Australia, Harvard Health Publications, New England Journal of Medicine and BBC Good Food for the above information

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