Weekend Road Trip

View towards Serra Range

Grampians make a great weekend road trip with friends.

Day 1 (Friday)

We left at 11 am from Melbourne (western suburbs) taking the Western HWY towards Ballarat stopping in Melton on the way to pick up a mate. our first stop was Lunch at Ballarat using urban spoon we found a good looking cafe called Lekker (great service and great food). We continued onto the Glenelg HWY towards Dunkeld. We stopped for a walk at Lake Bolac, this is a great place to have a stop and walk around. we continued onto Dunkeld where we conned onto the Grampians Rd towards Halls Gap this is an amazing drive we were stopping to take photos several times. After arriving in Halls gap (dark at this time) we head down Ararat Halls Gap Rd towards Moyston then turning onto Lake Fyans rd towards Stawell final turning onto Mokepilly Rd. YEAH, we have arrived at Lake Fyans Holiday Park (location most amazing sunsets).

well there was no cars

Day 2 (Saturday)

At around 9:30 am we headed into Halls Gap and grab some breakfast at the bakery. After relaxing for a bit we headed to the information centre which I glad I did as some of the walks were closed. We headed up to Wonderland carpark up Northern Grampians Rd. we decide to do the Pinnacle walk via Grand Canyon (not as Grand as one in USA lol). This is less than 3km one way so a great walk 🙂 the rock formation through the Grand Canyon is amazing. then arriving at the Pinnacle I was way too scared to go out lol the view is quite amazing:) after returning to the car park we headed towards Boroka Lookout. This is so easy only have to step out of your car and your at the look out ( ok maybe a few meters lol) the view here is breathtaking, look out to Lake Wartool. We headed to Reed Lookout this is another amazing Lookout and must see the spot. After spending a few moments taking in the view we head off to MacKenzie Falls. This walk is about 2.5km return (but be warned there are lots of steps) but well worth the walk down (good foot wear is a must as it’s wet and slippery in some places) and sorry no swimming 😦 not that I want to do that in Winter lol. Yeah, we have finished the day bush walking so we head back to Halls Gap and grabbed some supplies from the local store for a BBQ. we arrived back at Lake Fyans before sunset. So we BBQ and watched one of the most amazing sunsets I have seen. (good night)

Pinnacle walk

Boroka Lookout

Reed Lookout

MacKenzie Falls

Day 3 (Sunday)

Well, sunday started with hot breakfast (OMG so cold) then checked out from the Holiday park. The headed to Halls Gap and then down Grampians RD to Brambuk culture centre. We arrived there about 10 am we looked around the culture centre then headed for a walk along Boronia trail (4×4 track) towards Grampians Rd approx 4km return. On way back to culture centre me and one mate decides we check out the Tunnel walk (not knowing what it was lol) 6.5km one way. my other mate returned to the cultural centre to relax. The walk takes you along the Boronia trail (stick to the left when there are forks in the track) with amazing views to Lake Bellfield. We were not ready for this walk we almost made it to the tunnel and there is a sign saying 3.5km to Tunnel car park so called my other friend can she drive to Tunnel car park (thank god she didn’t come with us). The first 8km are ups and down along Boronia Trail (4×4 track) then another 4km on goat tracks up and across William Range then down to tunnel car park (end of church st). this walk is a real tester but I did enjoy it. Final arrived at tunnel car park (1:30 pm) racing to the car water and something to eat please lol. So time to go home now so we decide to take the Western back to Melbourne bypassing Ballarat. We stopped at Ararat where we found an amazing viewing point. (Ararat hill Park)

Brambuk Culture centre

Boronia Trail with Lake Bellfeld in background

Ararat Hill park

The Grampians

The following from The Grampians Victoria webpage 

The Grampians region in Victoria welcomes guests to indulge in a serene natural setting, boasting many natural wonders. In addition, the area offers a number of fun-filled activities and a variety of gourmet food and wine exclusively for the guests to enjoy. With so many offerings for visitors, the Grampians in Victoria is a must-go choice for your next vacation in Australia. Set on a gorgeous volcanic landscape, the Grampian Ranges boast some of the most scenic hill ranges in the entire state of Victoria. This unique mountain range boasts a number of beautiful parks and amusement centres nestled amid the natural. The Grampian Ranges offer a number of scenic lookouts and some popular nature parks. Guests can enjoy an array of outdoor activities within the venue of National parks and animal conservation centres.

Lake Fyans

One of the most amazing sunsets i have seen. Lake Fyans in the Grampians is a man-made lake known for its beautiful panorama and magnificent array of activity choices. Located between the two scenic towns of Stawell and Pomonal, Lake Fyans is one wonderful destination to enjoy some water activities and scenic walks. With good water levels all through the year, the lake offers a wonderful opportunity for its guests to fish and enjoy few water sports.

Boroka Lookout

wow what an amazing view For those seeking for the best panoramic views of the Grampians should never miss a trip to the Boroka Lookout in the Grampians National Park. The lookout offers some of the most spectacular views of the landscape during any time of the day. Watch the sun setting over the majestic mountain ranges and enjoy the best scenic views that the region boasts.

MacKenzie Falls

Regarded as one of the largest and popular waterfalls in the Grampians, MacKenzie Falls welcomes everyone to its peaceful setting for enjoying many activities and attractions. Adjacent to the renowned national park, Mackenzie Falls is a major attraction in this area. Guests coming to the park often visit this waterfall and enjoy picnicking, tours and various water activities. Due to regular rainfall, the waterfall is the only all-year-round flowing waterway in this entire region. Hence, a number of water activities are well-enjoyed at this site.

Brambuk Aboriginal Cultural Centre.

Within the picturesque oasis of the Grampians, you will find the quaint area of Brambuk; next to the Halls Gap Township and is an easily accessible region by roads. If you are looking for a place with bountiful native flora and fauna, then visit Brambuk in the Grampians. Also, the Aboriginal rock sites boasting ancient rock arts are widely seen in this area. Those with an interest to learn more about the culture and history of Aborigines can take a visit to the Brambuk Aboriginal Cultural Centre. The Brambuk community is the longest running cultural centre still operated by Aboriginal people. Come here to explore the culture, its traditions and various multi-award winning architectural establishments.

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